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Developed by PT. Intersoft Solutions

Selling and accounting made easy. Automatically post your sales, payments, discounts, and account balance to Jurnal. This powerful add-on also features multi-outlet inventory integration and comprehensive account mapping.

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Jurnal Channel
Developed by PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia

Jurnal Channel provides service for Multi Outlets to automatically sync data Sales Master, Receipt Detail, and Payment, from POS (Point Of Sales) to Jurnal Application. Install the app and configure your connection setting.

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MokaPOS Connection
Developed by PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia

Connecting your Point of Sales (POS) and Accounting is only one click away. Auto sync daily, or anytime you need it. This makes the hard stuff easy and lets you focus on what’s important.

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Jurnal Consolidation
Developed by PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia

Jurnal Consolidation is an application to help you combine financial reports of two or more companies in Jurnal. Recommended if you have separate bookkeeping for multi companies, branches, and/or locations.

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Developed by Jojonomic

JOJONOMIC IS EASY We embrace finance. It’s one of the best thing in the world. But not everything inside our finance is lovable. There are things that beep at us; fail without warning; keep us in the dark. There are things we’ve learned to ignore. We think they should be simple.

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Developed by PT FATIHA SAKTI

Have you 'Gadjian' yet? Manage your payroll and HR administration easily with Gadjian, a leading cloud-based HRIS application in Indonesia. Accurate, automatic, practical. Integrated with Jurnal for wage expense and payable. Saving your time!

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Dana Tara
Developed by Taralite

Get working capital loan up to IDR 500 million within 3 working days. Rates starting from 0.99% per month, easy & fast process and no collateral and survey needed!

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Developed by Vendpos Indonesia

VendPOS is an easy to use point-of-sales solution for retail and hospitality market. We partnered up with Jurnal, a secure online accounting software to covers your accounting system needs, including tax purposes.

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Developed by PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia

A one stop solution to manage your taxes. Calculate, pay, and file your taxes directly through one application. We make your archiving and managing your taxes easier with our Tax Center.

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