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Developed by Xendit
Xendit is a payment gateway uniquely built for Indonesia. Increase conversion by enabling various payment methods such as Credit / Debit Cards, Virtual Accounts, e-Wallets on your online store. Connect Xendit to Jurnal with a single click and automatically sync every transaction across both platforms.
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What does this application do?

Make reconciliation easier when accepting transactions via Xendit by connecting your Xendit account to Jurnal. Whenever invoices get paid through Xendit, it will be synchronized with your Jurnal account automatically.


  • No more manual work. Automate reconciliation processes from Xendit to Jurnal.
  • Easy to use. Connect your Xendit Account to your Jurnal Account with a single click.
  • Valuable insights. Understand your customers preferences and tailor your product and service offering to meet your customers needs.


  • Register account for a Xendit account
  • Submit your business documents and activate your Xendit account
  • Make sure that your Xendit account is in LIVE mode