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VendPOS is an easy to use point-of-sales solution for retail and hospitality market. We partnered up with Jurnal, a secure online accounting software to covers your accounting system needs, including tax purposes.
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Vendpos Indonesia

Vendpos is a Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions that provide both software and hardware as a package in the delivery. Vendpos can also be tailor-made to meet customer’s specific requirements.

The system is easy to set-up and user friendly so it will just take minutes for training the cashiers and managers. When all sales can be processed quickly and keep lines moving, there is one important thing that manager should keep track on, and that is Reporting.

When it comes to reporting, all we want is the system that should be able to generate detail sales reports and payments for manager / owner to monitor the businesses.

Even the system has been so powerful, we do not stop to make improvements. Now our system has been integrated with Jurnal. Jurnal is an online accounting software to organize the bookkeeping process of client’s businesses in a seamless manner.