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SimpliDOTS Sales Automation Platform
Developed by PT Simpli Inovatif Mandiri
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Cloud and web based platform that is designed to multiply profit of a distribution company by building an effective and efficient sales system and making salesman and monitoring tasks easier.
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PT Simpli Inovatif Mandiri
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Sales Automation Platform is a sales application built for distribution companies to automate and make sales tasks easier. Complicated and time consuming tasks can be done only by using smartphone or pc.

Sales Automation Platform is built from Sales Force Automation (SFA), Supervision and Sales Management Hub (SMH). And can be integrated to other 3rd party app.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a mobile-based application that is designed for field force and multiply sales by sharpening work effectiveness and efficiency. By features such as mobile sales taking order, mobile collection, geo-tagging outlet and others.

Supervision is a mobile-based application that is designed for supervisor / manager so they can monitor performance easily with real-time data mining. And also with features such as sales monitoring, position tracking, delivery history, invoice history, customer debt, and many others.

Sales Management Hub (SMH) is a cloud-based application that is very powerful for distribution management with great system and data analytics. SMH is also designed with integration and data sync with other 3rd party apps, so the performance can be increased and more efficient.

Integration Description

Distribution process is complicated, even more if it is done manually. That’s why SimpliDOTS is built to make your distribution process easy. Beside that, we can also simplify your task by integrating SimpliDOTS with Jurnal. 

Easy integration.

With an easy process, you can integrate SimpliDOTS features with master data such as product, employee, customer and orders. All your data from Jurnal will not be migrated, but synchronized.

Automatic data update

Data master that you update to Jurnal will be automatically synchronized to SimpliDOTS.