This app is Unpublished. It may be unstable.
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MokaPOS Connection
Developed by PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia
Connecting your Point of Sales (POS) and Accounting is only one click away. Auto sync daily, or anytime you need it. This makes the hard stuff easy and lets you focus on what’s important.
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PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia
Privacy Policy

What does it do?
Its POS and accounting in one with maximum automation. This will let Jurnal extracts your sales data from POS, directly post as entry and ready in your accounting book. Producing your full reports will be quick and easy. You can sync anytime you need it.

Who is it for?
Users who are using or looking for point of sales application/platform, not limited to owners of retail shop, restaurant, coffeeshops, and bakery.

- less repetitive work of entering same data over cross applications: time saver
- less mistakes made: more accuracy
- less cost to do data entry
- access/get full report asap, analyze your number and help make critical decisions
- 1 + 1 = 3 synergy :)

Privacy Policy
This add-on is only extracting data from your other application (MokaPOS) limited to sales and customer information. It is a one-way data transfer.
*You must be the owner or ultimate role to connect with MokaPOS