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InterActive MyResto
Developed by InterActive Technologies Corp
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Simplify Your Restaurant Management with InterActive MyResto With MyResto Software you are free to travel without having to be confused to check transactions because all transactions can be checked via a smartphone so you are free to travel without having to be confused to check transactions.
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It's time to use InterActive MyResto for your F & B business management more easily and integrated. Complete features includes, inventory, purchasing, and sales reports that can be accessed online. Now, it is integrated with Journals to manage your accounting automatically.


What Is InterActive MyResto?

InterActive MyResto is a desktop-based Point of Sales (POS) software that can make it easier for you to manage your restaurant / cafe business in an integrated manner.


What are the uses of these add-ons?

InterActive MyResto is known as POS software with the most complete features. With Journal integration, now you can get sales reports in detail. From the balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, etc.


For who?

The InterActive MyResto software can be used for a variety of F & B businesses, such as restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and food courts. With Journal integration, you can evaluate the sales of your F & B business and develop it into a larger business.


Benefits of Using InterActive MyResto

  • Faster & Accurate Transactions
    With InterActive MyResto, you don't need to manually record sales transactions. Simply access the software via PC, and you can record sales transactions faster and accurately.
  • Complete features and errors less
    InterActive MyResto has been used by more than 3000 restaurants in Indonesia, and it is known as POS software with the most complete features. Starting from inventory, purchasing, to multi-doscount schemes that are easy to use.
  • Data Stored on Cloud Server and Accessible Online
    All your sales data on InterActive MyResto will be stored securely on the Cloud Server and you can access it online anytime and anywhere
  • Integrated Accounting Software
    Now, InterActive MyResto has integrated the Journal so that you can get accounting reports in more detail.