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InterActive MyProfit
Developed by InterActive Technologies Corp
The growth of micro and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia shows such rapid growth. From here, the idea was to help provide business management applications to answer the challenges of SMEs in Indonesia.
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InterActive MyProfit Cashier Application

InterActive MyProfit has a social mission to improve the standard living from owners of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). How? We developed an application that can help traders reduce manual work. So, traders can focus more on expanding their business even more.

  2. Most Understanding MSMEs
  3. Integrated Accounting Software
  4. Easy to use

Easy integration with Jurnal.id

We partner with Jurnal.id to complete your report needs, if you want to make a simple, good and reliable bookkeeping. Some data that we will integrate with Jurnal.Id such as:

  1. Master Products
  2. Master Modifier
  3. Location
  4. Member

And for other accounting features you can directly use the features available in Jurnal.id such as features for Fixed Asset, Initial Capital deposited, Inventory, warehouse, etc.