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Dana Tara
Developed by Taralite
Get working capital loan up to IDR 500 million within 3 working days. Rates starting from 0.99% per month, easy & fast process and no collateral and survey needed!
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Additional Info

What is Taralite?

Taralite is an online lending platform founded in 2015. We have been helping thousands of online merchants through working capital loan needs.


What does it do?

It is an online application form to apply working capital loan from Taralite. The application form is very easy to fill, just fill in the loan amount and loan period you desire. We offer very competitive rate, starting from 0.99% flat per month. No penalty for early full loan repayment.


Who is if for?

It is designed especially for Jurnal users to get working capital needs. To grow and expand business together with Jurnal and Taralite.


Loan application benefit

  • Easy and fast process (loan disbursement is max 3-5 working days)
  • Wide coverage (across Indonesia)
  • No survey needed
  • Competitive interest rate and provision fee
  • No penalty imposed for early loan repayment


Privacy policy

This add-on will share your financial statement to Taralite for loan application process purposes only.