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Developed by PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia
Within apply the business loan BTPN through Jurnal, you can get more benefits, such as business loan up to 5 billion rupiah, 1% interest rate, and process for only 3 minutes.
Additional Info
PT. Jurnal Consulting Indonesia

What does it do?

It is an online application form to applying business loan BTPN through Jurnal. With this application, you can get an easy way to apply and get a more benefits such as, business loan up to 5 billion, 1% interest rate, and process only on 3 minutes.


Who is it for?

Users who are applying business loan through Jurnal to business credit loan BTPN with the easy way, easy process, and get more benefits anywhere anytime.



  • Easy way to apply business loan through Jurnal

  • Get a more benefits

  • Financial statements have been prepared


Privacy Policy

This add-ons will take your financial statement for the last 3 months to sending to BTPN to process your business loan application.