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Have you 'Gadjian' yet? Manage your payroll and HR administration easily with Gadjian, a leading cloud-based HRIS application in Indonesia. Accurate, automatic, practical. Integrated with Jurnal for wage expense and payable. Saving your time!
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What is Gadjian ?

Gadjian is the best cloud-based payroll application (HR & payroll software) in Indonesia. Gadjian helps the company's operations in managing employees as well as make salary calculation and administration, permits, sick, leave, BPJS, PPh21 (including multi NPWP) and shift settings.

What is the purpose of this add-ons?

This app helps your company to manage employee data, mainly payroll related, including tax and BPJS calculations. In terms of wage journal, this application has integrated with Jurnal, an accounting software. It makes you more convenient managing HR administration.

Whom this application for?

Jurnal and Gadjian user who looking for a solution to simplified salary calculation and wages journal in one integrated platform. Thrive your business with Jurnal and Gadjian.

Benefits of using Gadjian to manage HR administration.

Gadjian helps the operations of small-medium or lean enterprises to be more efficient and productive with very low investment risk. Here are some benefits for you:

  • Gadjian makes your work related to various HR administration much easier, from personnel data, leave management, salary calculation, and paycheck.
  • Limitless access. You can monitor HR management anywhere and anytime as long as connected to internet server.
  • Special facility for each employee named Portal Employee. It can be used to view attendance, download paycheck, and propose leave in one platform. Accessible for any gadgets since it’s a web-based.
  • Gadjian could assist HR and Finance department in payroll calculations, tax (PPh 21), and BPJS, quickly and precisely. These calculation features could also save company’s time and budget since company does not have to add HR admin to manage its payroll or hire tax consultant.
  • Providing employee salary recaps, bank transfer recaps, and wages expense. It helps Finance and Accounting in doing journal.

In contrast to most similar applications, Gadjian system and display are very user-friendly to anyone.